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Zyprexa Olanzapine Weight Gain

If you have not read the general page about antipsychotic medications and weight gain, please do so before proceeding further. Click here. The link will open a new browser window. Just close it and you be on this page again.

A study was conducted in 2019, showing Zyprexa significantly activates the JNK1 and significantly increased IL-6. This leads to significant weight gain as well as significant inflammation within the body. (1)

This creates a cascading effect and in so doing; the start of insulin resistance and several other metabolic disorders.

The Harper Method addresses the over activation of the JNK1 and by so doing relieves the insulin resistance and the Zyprexa - Olanzapine weight gain.

A study in 2006 showed women over 40 years of age were more inclined to have Zyprexa weight gain than any other group in the study. Not surprising since the JNK's in the brain also disrupt the hormone T3 and T4.



(1) Psychoneuroendocrinology - 2019 Jun;104:42-48. doi: 10.1016/j.psyneuen.2019.01.029. Epub 2019 Feb 1.

Results: Olanzapine (100 uM) and clozapine (100, 20 uM) significantly increased pERK1/2 and pJNK protein expression, while aripiprazole (20 uM) only increased pJNK. Clozapine (100 uM) and aripiprazole (5 and 20 uM) significantly increased AMPK phosphorylation (an orexigenic energy sensor), and inhibited insulin-induced phosphorylation of AKT. Olanzapine (100 uM) treatment caused a significant increase in IL-6 while aripiprazole (20 uM) significantly decreased IL-10. Olanzapine (100 uM) and aripiprazole (20 uM) increased BDNF expression.