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Below you can read a few of the success emails received. I have tried to give a mix of peoples stories. Yours may be like one of them. There is Hope, there is a Solution.

"I started using the JNK and Optimum Solace 2 weeks ago. The weight loss has not started yet but I know you said on average it takes 3 weeks for weight loss to begin. I wanted to email you to let you know how wonder I feel since starting the supplements. It's a feeling of overall well-being. This has given me further motivation to diet and exercise and reclaim my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. S. Barnett Tucson, AZ."


"After using Zoloft for years and steadily gaining weight I reached a point of 80 pounds heavier than when I started Zoloft. I had enough. Zoloft works for my depression but the weight gain is too much. I found your website and I have been using the JNK 5 and Optimum Solace for a couple of months and have now lost 15 pounds.

Nothing has ever worked for the weight loss. I could live in the gym and hardly eat anything and eat all of the right foods and still no weight loss. I now have hope of getting back to my old self or at least close to my old weight.

This has been truly amazing. Beth New Jersey"


"I have what I call Effexor hell. I could not get off this stuff and the weight gain was horrendous. You told me one thing at a time. Either taper the Effexor or lose the weight first and then decide if you still want off the Effexor. I chose to lose the weight first. I had tried to lose weight more times than tapering the med so why not again. At least I did not feel like crap when dieting.

I have now lost 60 pounds. A very gradual weight loss but since I was never able to drop one pound before finding your site I guess the weight loss is really fast overall. Forty pounds more to go but I will make it with ease.

I have my routine now and it has turned into my way of life. MY BP is down from 150 to 120 too! Nothing gets in the way of taking 3 walks a week. It's actually fun now because I know it's not a waste of time. Can't thank you enough." Shirley Sarasota, FL.  


"I had never had a problem with my weight until I started on antidepressants. It began when my doctor switched me from Lexapro to Cymbalta. I tried going back to Lexapro again but the switch back was brutal to make.

I had gained 35 pounds before finding you. That may not seem like too much weight to some people but I am only 5' tall and a very small frame. I am now back to my original weight, feel soooooo much better and look like my old self once again.

I thought this was going to be hard to do but since I was already on a good diet and got some exercise each week, all it took was to take the JNK 5 and Optimum Solace. One plus above the weight loss; I felt fantastic during the weight loss. I am still taking the Cymbalta and may not stop it so I do continue to take the JNK 5 and the Optimum Solace daily. I don't want to gain the weight again. I want to add; once I got down to my normal weight I did not continue to lose weight. Interesting." Pam Tulsa OK.


"I love what Lexapro has done for my depression but the weight gain has been hard to deal with. My doctor told me it did not cause weight gain but after a year on Lexapro the weight gain started and has not stopped. I always watched what I ate and still do and get moderate exercise but the pounds kept creeping on.

I won't disclose how much weight I have gained but to give you an idea, I have had to keep going up in my clothes size again and again. Too many times.

Your method works and works very well. I just took the supplements and continued with my current diet and exercise and around 30 days after starting the supplements the weight began to come off at the same rate it came on my body.

No restrictive diet, not wild exercise program, just my normal routine with the addition of JNK 5 and Optimum Solace. I'm staying on the supplements to keep the weight off once I reach my target weight again. Peace." Jill Akron, Ohio


My doctor did not think Trintellix would cause weight gain like the other SSRI's tend to do. Wrong. What a vicious cycle this has been. We feel like I need an antidepressant to keep my mood stable but the weight gain had turned into its own monster.

Enter The Harper Method with the JNK 5 and Optimum Solace! This has been amazing. No weird dieting, no exercise for 2 hours a day or feeling like I was going to bust out of my skin because of supplements that are too harsh. I actually felt very well during this process. Calm, great sleep and more. Mentally clear throughout my weight loss.

I can't stress enough to you how important it was for me to not do some weird restrictive diet program. I don't do well with those.

The JNK 5 and Optimum Solace continue to be part of my daily routine just like drinking water daily. Thank you for your formulas Jim." Betty Stockton, CA.


"I was like a beached whale. I am putting that mildly. My health was suffering from the weight while the Prozac was saving my mind. I got my doctor to admit to me that unless something was done to reverse my constant weight gain I probably had 2 or 3 years left to live. My body was crashing.

Do I die from the obesity or do I wind up in a mental hospital and die their thin. Pretty tough decision to make but that's exactly how I felt.

We tried diet, we tried exercise until I was too damn big to really exercise anymore.

Along comes The Harper Method in the nick of time. The first thing I felt was a change in my outlook on life. I did not expect this at all. The change was so strong there was no denying it. I, of all people was beginning to feel positive. This is when I told myself, "If the supplements do not work for weight loss I am still going to take them, I felt good."

Out of the blue I lost 5 pounds. I did not have have hope of losing weight I had desperation. That morning I got on the scales I cried like I have never cried. I had hope again for the first time in decades.

The next week 5 more pounds came off my body. That may be a lot of weight to lose in a week for some people but for my size it is a fraction of body weight. Ten pounds lighter in two weeks once the weight began to come off of me.

As I sit here typing you this 3 months has passed since I began taking the supplements. I am 40 pounds healthier and the weight loss has been enough now that it is beginning to show. I can go upstairs without wheezing and feeling like my knees were about to buckle on me. If you have been to a Walmart store and looked at the lady riding in a cart to shop, that is me still. My next goal is to be the person walking while I shop in Walmart and to go over and share what I have gone through with the lady riding while she shops.

This may be too long for you to read but it is such a short version of what I have experienced and feel like now. I just started laughing, I think I will go get my hair done and that will be a first for me in 20 years.

Bless you Jim Harper for the hope and the solution you have provided for us." Margie Warsaw, MO.